Frequently Asked Questions

What does the student day look like?

  • Our school day is 8:15 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Daily Schedule
    • Morning Meeting
    • Math – 90 minute block with three rotations
    • Recess – 20 minutes
    • Language Arts – 90 minute block with three rotations
    • Lunch –
      • First & Third Grade 11:45-12:20
      • Second & Fourth Grade 12:05- 12:40
    • Science
    • Recess – 20 minutes
    • Social Studies
    • Electives

Do you offer transportation?

Yes, Gem Prep: Pocatello offers transportation on the PRT at no charge to students or parents. Seventy-one percent of students use the bus program. (See a copy of our bus schedule or contact us at 208.238.1388 for more information.)

Do you offer lunches?

For the 16-17 school year, students bring their lunch each day. We also have food available if a student forgets their lunch or does not have food for any reason. We have microwaves in our lunchroom that can be used to heat up food. Our plan is to have hot lunches available for students beginning in the 17-18 school year.

What curriculum do you use?

We use both text based curriculum and online curriculum to support student learning. A list of curriculum can be found on our website.

What is the experience level of the teachers?

The teachers at Gem Prep: Pocatello have an average of 5 years of classroom teaching experience.

Do you have an early release day each week?

No. Gem Prep: Pocatello teachers typically have one day per month when no school is held and teachers participate in professional development. There may be approximately two days annually, which are designated as early release days.

Will you ever have sports?

Yes, we have plans to offer extracurricular activities including sports as the school expands.

Are subjects such as Music,PE, and Art taught at Gem Prep: Pocatello?

Art, Music, and PE are incorporated into the school day and are taught by classroom teachers.

Will my child be behind or frustrated when starting the school year?

All Gem Prep students are given diagnostic assessments to determine their current skill level. If your child is performing below grade level then that is where the teacher will begin instruction. We recognize that not all students learn at the same pace.

How will my special education/ADD/slower student fit in?

The special education teacher, classroom teacher, principal, and parents will meet as an IEP team to review your child’s goals and objectives and develop a plan to best meet your child’s individual needs. All students will be welcomed into the Gem Prep community.

Will you have Title I services?

Yes, we offer Title 1 services to any student who can benefit from additional support in math and/or language arts.

Will you have a special ed teacher?

Yes, we have a special education teacher.

Will you train the parents before they come in to volunteer? Can any parent volunteer?

We ask parents to volunteer 20 hours per school year. We offer an online training to all of our volunteers. Classroom teachers will also give specific training to volunteers as needed. There are volunteer opportunities on Saturdays, in the evenings, as well as take home projects so not all volunteer hours are completed during the school day.

What if my child is in 4th grade and is academically a grade level above their peers? What do you do with a child who is extremely high performing?

The highly personalized nature of our school model is ideal for students working above grade level. Your child will be able to progress at their own pace in challenging curriculum at their skill level in math and language arts. Student projects also give students an opportunity to show what they know in multiple ways and at different levels.

When can we tour the school?

School tours are offered on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 9-11am.

If the above days do not work for you schedule please call our receptionist to schedule a tour.

Do we need to have a home computer?

A home computer is a great tool to have however it is not required, we try to make time available on campus for students if they do not have access to a computer at home. Students can come in before school, after school, or during part of their lunch hour.

Do our kids have to bring their own electronic devices?

No, Gem Prep Pocatello provides all technology that students use at school.

Will you have school uniforms?

At this time we do not have school uniforms.

Do you have a dress code?

Gem Prep will adopt the following dress code starting in the 2019-2020 school year: Gem Prep Dress Code.

What are the consequences for our student being gone for multiple days?

Attendance is critical as students are learning many new things each day. We do recognize that in special circumstances students may need to miss school. Please talk with your child’s classroom teacher and the principal to discuss an extended absence.

Will you offer a second language at the secondary level?

Yes, our secondary students will have the opportunity to take language courses, as well as many other elective options as they enter secondary grade levels.