About Us

Who We Are

Gem Prep: Pocatello is a free public high quality educational option designed to meet Idaho’s pressing need for schools which prepare students for post-secondary success. In our blended environment, students learn in an intensely individualized format.

Mission Statement

To prepare students for success in college and professional technical careers by providing a high quality, personalized, relevant and rigorous education through exceptional teaching, innovative uses of technology and partnerships with families.


  • 2014 - Gem Prep: Pocatello Opens

    Gem Prep: Pocatello began in August 2014, serving kindergarten and first grade students on a blended learning campus.

  • 2015 - GPP Exceeds Academic Growth Averages

    Gem Prep: Pocatello’s kindergarten through third grade students excelled in standardized testing; with academic growth exceeding national and state averages. See OUR RESULTS to view these and other statistics.

  • 2016 - GPP Expansions & Innovative FabLab Opens

    In August 2016, the school increased to serve students in grades kindergarten through fourth grades, and will expand enrollment annually, to ultimately serve kindergarten through twelfth grades.

    The school’s innovative FabLab (creative DIY learning space) opens, giving students access to coding robots, interactive story creation software, a green screen and media center, and many other hands-on creation and collaboration tools. The FabLab is an extension of the Gem focus which transitions learning from the classroom to the real-world, and helps prepare students for lives of success in the global marketplace they will inherit.

Our History